Tao Tao DB14 110cc review (2020): Great Starter Bike For A Great Price

tao tao db14 110cc dirt bike review 2020

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Riding dirt bikes has become a leisurely activity for some and a competitive sport for others.

Nonetheless, the desire to own a dirt bike has been increasing for children and adults alike.

However, choosing the right one can be tricky, and people tend to make some common mistakes while buying a dirt bike.

For this reason, the Tao Tao DB14 dirt bike is a smart choice as it holds features that are beginner-friendly but will be well-appreciated by experts as well!

This Tao Tao DB14 110cc Review will give you all the information you need if you are considering investing in this bike.

The dirt bike is great for children who are adamant when it comes to riding bikes as it is safe and easy to maintain. The small size makes it more convenient for young people and those who are of a smaller build.

Let’s take a look at the impressive features offered by the bike in this Tao Tao DB14 110cc Review.

Features of the Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14

Due to its amazing functionality, the Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14 is one of the most popular vehicles available. This could be due to the following features presented in the Tao Tao DB14 110cc review.

1. Semi-automatic

The Tao Tao DB14 dirt bike does not have a clutch as it is semi-automatic. It has four gears that can be navigated by pushing the lever down to increase the gear and push it up to lower it.

This is backward from a regular motorcycle. However, it is straightforward and, therefore, easier to operate.

Due to this feature, it is a good bike if you are a learner and have started riding bikes recently. The simple mechanics eliminate chances of confusion while riding, thereby increasing the safety of the dirt bike.

2. Powerful 4-stroke engine

The Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14 is powered by a four-stroke engine that can provide superior function as well as impressive acceleration.

Additionally, it is air-cooled to avoid overheating of the engine. The single-cylinder engine is powerful enough to tolerate off-road riding as well.

The powerful and air-cooled engine increases the quality of rides offered by this bike. It has been crafted to ensure the best experience for every type of rider on any type of road.

3. Hydraulic Disk brakes

Present in the front and rear, the hydraulic forks provide high-performance front suspension. The air shock feature present in this dirt bike further improves the smoothness of the ride.

Therefore, investing in the Tao Tao DB14 will eliminate bumpy rides.

These brakes are also optimized to enhance handling performance, which makes it easier to control the bike while in motion. This feature also improves the quality of rides by assuring comfort.

4. Large tires

The DB14 110cc dirt bikes are equipped with larger tires and a taller height for the seat. This makes it perfect for young people as it provides more ground clearance.

The tires also support riding on rugged roads without much difficulty or damage.

The dual disc brakes and tough tires on the dirt bike improve control and maneuverability on any kind of terrain. This feature encourages beginners to explore every possibility while riding the Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14 110cc.

5. Shock suspension

The rear suspension provided in the Tao Tao DB14 dirt bike can effectively handle off-road terrains with steep drops. This increases the comfort and ease with which you can ride a dirt bike on rough surfaces.

Additionally, the seat is padded to ensure a comfortable ride. The seat is spacious and does not allow any difficulty while riding.

Pros and cons of the Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14 110cc

In this Tao Tao DB14 110cc Review, let’s take a look at the features that make this product appealing while also navigating its drawbacks.


  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for rough terrains
  • Powerful 4-stroke engine
  • Perfect for beginners and teens
  • Easy to ride as it is semi-automatic
  • Easy to assemble


  • Short shelf-life
  • Bolts may get rusted easily

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The Tao Tao 110cc dirt bike review explores all the features of this model. The bike is perfect if you are looking for a fun new hobby or if you have been riding motorcycles for a while.

The dirt bike contains numerous features that make it easy to use and convenient to navigate. The powerful engine and effective shock suspension allow this bike to maneuver through rough and steep terrains without any difficulty.

If you feel like we have missed something or if there is anything you want to ask us please do so in the comments section. We will be more than happy to help you out.

Happy Riding!

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