Best TaoTao Dirt Bike Review 2021 – Are These Bikes Worth It?

tao dirt bike review 2020

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Looking to buy the new Tao Tao dirt bike? Not sure if its worth your money? Read our TaoTao dirt bike review to find out!

Have you ever sprinted down a wide-open space so fast that you felt the wind brushing across your face and your hair whirling wildly behind your head?

The adrenaline rushing through your veins, heart beating faster and louder?

If you are an adventurer who loves venturing or a diehard lover of thrills that take your breath away, then dirt bikes are perfect for fulfilling your thrill-filled adventurer needs.

TaoTao Dirt Bikes come with the perfect amount of power to rev you up. These machines will take you down the road for an exciting, memorable and exhilarating experience.

There’s a quick breakdown of what we’ll cover in this guide in ‘Table Of Content’. Feel free to click the links below to jump to the parts you are interested in.

Best TaoTao Dirt Bike Selection

Here are some basic things to remember before buying yourself a dirt bike:

  • Keep in mind that numerous things will govern the size of the motorbike, such as your weight, height, and strength.
  • Heavy bikers should go for bikes that have a strong suspension, while strongly built users can drive heavy ones and those who are tall can drive bikes that are bigger in size and height.
  • The most significant thing is to check the seat’s height, type of suspension, and handlebar design.

TaoTao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike Review

125cc dirt bike review

As soon as TaoTao introduced this bad boy to the world, it became an instant hit! People love it as the ideal bike for beginners.

Unfortunately, this trendy dirt bike does have a couple of cons that prevent it from entering the “perfect bikes” category.

Due to the following features, the bike became a popular preference:


This bike has been built with an excellent steel framework.

This dirt bike is manufactured for extreme settings and because of the damage that is caused by enduring through the crazy locations and even crazier rides; they are specifically manufactured with strong materials


It comprises of a mighty 125cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine which is air-cooled. This engine provides extreme power and speed to the bike.

The DB17 will provide you with excellent acceleration and power off-road.

Speed Transmission And Ignition

It has a 4-speed manual clutch transferal system that operates the rear wheel through a chain, giving control to the rider for speed adjustments.

It has a CDI system of ignition which blazes up the sparks in the cylinder with a blink.


This bike has a hydraulic brake disc (front and back end) which provides amazing stopping power.

The huge disc brakes permit you to slow down easily with control.


The front and back end, strong suspensions make this bike completely invulnerable to the shocks and vibrations produced by uneven tracks.

It provides a comfortable riding experience. This suspension system qualifies the bike for rough trails.


Its 17” front tire and a 14” rear tire, in diameter, provides good control and perfect grip on rugged tracks.

The tire’s knobby structure makes it a perfect choice to rely on.


  • It is sturdily built which makes it durable on rough tracks
  • It possesses a powerful engine that provides more energy and speed
  • It effortlessly speeds up to 54mph which is quite amazing
  • It is exceptionally receptive
  • It is elegant and modish


  • It does not come with instructions on assemblage
  • It has weak nuts and bolts
  • Its parts might end up breaking with a hitch

TaoTao DB10 110cc Dirt Bike Review

110cc dirt bike

The TaoTao Dirt Bike DB10 is the counterpart of the above-mentioned model with electric features. Following are the traits of this bike:


 It has a lightweight and sturdy frame with a 26” seat height, above the ground, this makes it a good choice for beginners to opt for this bike as their first dirt bike.

The light body frame provides better control over the bike.


A 107cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled single-cylinder engine provides this bike with the desired power and speed for beginners to enjoy.

This bike speeds up to 35 mph, which is entertaining enough for the young blood.

Proper insulation and lubrication of the engine will prevent heat loss.

Speed Transmission And Ignition

It has an electric jump-start and an effective CDI ignition with a heavy chain-drive transmission, to allow sufficient twists and turns at high or low speeds.

The automatic transmission helps beginners to speed up and down without shifting gears manually and clutching operations.


The double shock absorbers on the front and a single shock absorber at the rear provide a smooth driving experience on uneven tracks.


The front hydraulic brakes and the rear mechanical drum brakes offer a unique experience of breaking the speed with full control over the bike.

This combination of the braking system provides full protection to the rider in case of blinking brakes.


The 12” front and 10” rear tire provides proper dynamical balance to the bike as all the jars are absorbed into it before creating dilemmas for the riders.

The durability of the tires is increased with the adoption of new threaded patterns.


  • It has an automatic transmission which enables you to shift speeds easily
  • It has a front hydraulic disk brake
  • It has a rear drum foot brake which provides sustainable balance while braking
  • It is an electric start that provides levels of automation
  • It is a complete package for beginners
  • It has a kill switch for emergency purposes


  • It has no speed limiter
  • It has no headlights which make it dangerous during night drives
  • Early faults in parts have been noticed and notified in this product


Is it automatic or manual transmission?

The DB17 is a manual transmission whereas the electric DB10 is an automatic transmission bike.

Which brakes are used in the front tire?

Hydraulic brakes are used in the front wheel of both the bikes.

What is the maximum speed of DB17 125cc?

It can speed up to 54 mph.

What is the maximum speed of DB10 110cc bike?

It can speed up to 30 mph.

Want more options? Here’s our review of Tao Tao Db14 dirt bike.

Final Verdict – Are TaoTao Dirt Bikes Any Good?

There is, in general, a bad press about Chinese manufacturers and how the bikes they make break easily.

While these experiences with Chinese manufacturers may vary for everyone we had great times with these bikes.

The DB10 in our experience is not as good as its counterpart and the 107cc engine is somewhat lackluster when compared to the engine in DB17.

That is not to say that the DB10 is bad. If you are getting a bike for a kid who has never ridden a bike before and you don’t want to spend a fortune then you can absolutely go for it.

If you feel like we have missed something or if there is anything you want to ask us please do not be afraid to leave a comment.

Happy Riding!

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