SYX Moto review: The Holeshot 50cc Kids Dirt Bike Shreds Hard (2020)

syx moto holeshot 50cc kids mini dirt bike review 2020

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Bike-riding is an experience that elicits a mixed reaction from people. While some find it thrilling and adventurous, others consider it to be dangerous and life-threatening.

However, if your younger one is fond of bike racing and wants a gas dirt bike for himself, what would you do?

While you are concerned for their safety, isn’t some part of you also excited at the idea of them pursuing their badass dreams?

To take away all your hesitations about their demands, SYX Moto has launched a gas dirt bike that will let your kid enjoy the thrill of being a rider without worrying about any accidents.

The SYX Moto kids mini Holeshot 50cc dirt bike is an ideal pit bike for the kids who are beginners in the world of bike-riding.

In this SYX Moto 50cc review, we’ll talk at length about the features and specifications. We will also discuss the pros and cons of the kid’s mini dirt bike, and tell you why it’s perfect for your kid.

Specifications of the SYX Moto Kids Mini Holeshot 50cc Dirt Bike

SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike Gas Power 2-Stroke 50cc Motorcycle Holeshot Off Road Motorcycle Holeshot Pit Bike

Before we move further with the SYX Moto Holeshot 50cc dirt bike review, let’s first take a look at the specifications of the dirt bike:

ColorYellow, Green, Red, Black
Engine50cc 2-stroke
Engine Oil2-stroke oil
Dimensions50x22x33.5 inches
Net Weight48lbs
Gross Weight57lbs
Weight Capacity176lbs
Frame TypeHigh-strength steel
Fuel Capacity0.45 Gallons
Gas TypePremium only
Starter ModePull Start
Maximum Speed25MPH
TransmissionFully automatic

Features of SYX Moto Kids Mini Holeshot 50cc Dirt Bike

Now coming to the features, this mini dirt bike has a lot to offer. But these are some of the features of SYX Moto that stand out the most:

Lightweight structure

An ideal dirt bike for kids must be lightweight, particularly if the young rider riding it is a novice.

The SYX Moto Kids Mini Holeshot 50cc dirt bike weighs only 48lbs, which is less than the weight of most dirt bikes designed for kids. The lightweight structure of the bike lends the rider an easy control of the bike while driving.

Although lightweight, the bike is comfortable for riders who weigh as much as 176lbs. It indicates that all kids, whether they are lean or healthy, can ride it with ease.

Stylish design

The SYX Moto Kids Mini Holeshot 50cc dirt bike is for kids who are six years old or younger. For these young riders, stylish design is as important as any other feature, if not more.

Thus, the SYX Moto dirt bike is designed so stylishly that your kid will show it off among his friends.

Disc brakes

While riding, the young riders often lose track of time and direction and might need to stop suddenly to avoid any kind of accident.

Thus, the SYX Moto Kids Mini Holeshot 50cc dirt bike uses disc brakes both for front as well as back. It is an added safety feature so that your kid can pull the brakes to stop the bike quickly and safely.

Upgraded speed governor

To provide the parents with more control over their kid’s driving, the SYX MOTO Kids Mini Holeshot 50cc dirt bike comes with an upgraded speed governor.

Using the governor, you can limit the speed of the bike from 25 MPH to 15 MPH. In this manner, you can set and change the speed limit of the bike in accordance with the driving expertise of your kid.

2-stroke engine

The 2-stroke engine installed in the SYX MOTO Kids dirt bike is an upgrade from the previous dirt bike models of SYX MOTO. The engine of the older models made a loud and unpleasant noise while running. However, this dirt bike is comparatively quieter than the rest.

Fully automatic transmission

The SYX MOTO Kids Mini Holeshot 50cc dirt bike is designed, keeping in mind the comfort of your younger ones. Thus, it comes with a fully automatic transmission that makes riding easier for beginners.

Large alloy wheels and dirt tires

The tires of the SYX MOTO Kids Mini Holeshot 50cc dirt bike are made of aluminum alloy. They are sturdy enough to provide a powerful performance as well as a comfortable ride on all terrains.

Fuel tank Capacity

The SYX MOTO Kids Mini Holeshot 50cc dirt bike has a fuel tank with a capacity of 0.45 gallons. It means that your kid can ride the bike uninterruptedly for about an hour.

Customer service and warranty

The customer support service at SYX MOTO is a 24×7 service for all 365 days of the year. If you ever face a problem with the bike, you can contact them to sort it out. The engine of the bike has a 3-months warranty, while the other parts to be covered a 1-month warranty.

Pros And Cons The SYX Moto Kids Mini Holeshot 50cc Dirt Bike

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this dirt bike:


  • Upgraded speed governor
  • Emergency kill switch
  • Affordable price
  • Fully automatic transmission
  • Stellar customer support service
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved


  • While the bike is ideal for beginners, it doesn’t fulfill the requirements of an advanced rider.
  • Only 85% of the bike is assembled, and you need to assemble the rest of it using the instruction manual.
  • The bike requires regular maintenance to remain in good shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Final Thoughts About The Syx Moto Review

In this SYX Moto review, we have learned about the unique features of this 50cc mini dirt bike.

And with its unique style and special attention to safety measures, it is an ideal choice for children below the age of 6. Moreover, it also fits well into most of the budgets.

Thus, if you’re looking for a dirt bike for your kid, go for SYX Moto kids dirt bike.

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  1. I purchased the syxMoto 50cc it was well made and my son is enjoying riding it on the street!!, I’m very happy with this company do not waste your money towards other bikes and buy this dirtbike.

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