Dirt Bike Or ATV – Making The Right Choice

Why dirt bikes are better than quads?

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Whatever item you’re going to buy, you should always research beforehand and select it very carefully.

This simple rule of thumb also applies when you are looking for sports or off-road motorcycles.

There are some apparent differences and similarities between Dirt Bike and ATV, simply saying that one is better than the other is not the right way to differentiate them.

Each one has its own merits and demerits, it all depends upon your riding experience, skill set, budget, passion, and motive to decide which one suits you best.

Dirt Bike vs Atv – Differences With Pros And Cons

If you are looking to buy one of them but are confused or if you are just here to learn more then we are here to help you decide which one to go for.

Price Comparison: Why Are Quad Bikes So Expensive?

Why Are Quad Bikes So Expensive

ATV’s are comparatively more expensive than dirt bikes since they are quite heavy and require more body parts and functions than dirt bikes.

ATV’s are 200$ to 1000$ more expensive than dirt bikes, depending upon the year they are being bought.

Hence, if you are looking for a cost-effective off-road motorbike, you might go for a dirt bike.

Weight, Size and Transportation Comparison

ATV significantly outweighs and outsizes a dirt bike.

An ATV is usually around 1000 pounds whereas the weight of a dirt bike is roughly 200 pounds.

A dirt bike is easier to handle than ATV and the size of the dirt biker makes it easily transportable from one place to another.

Transporting an ATV from place to place can pose a high risk and it is a bit heavy to carry around.

That being said if you are looking for ways to carry around your quad or dirt bike then read our buying guides for best Hitch carriers and Loading ramps in the market.

Which One Is Best For Carrying The Load?

If you are looking to carry a load with your dirt bike, you will be disappointed as it is not designed for carrying the load, you will have to keep a backpack for your weekend outings plans.

ATV is best suited for someone who is a big fan of hunting or camping or loves to carry their things while driving their favorite bike.

ATV can also be customized to carry passengers.

Which Is Safer A Dirt Bike Or ATV?

Which Is Safer A Dirt Bike Or ATV?

It is commonly believed that ATV is safer than dirt bike but the reality and stats tell the opposite story.

While we see the dirt bikes are used mostly by the sportsmen and they do drive them very dangerously, they are far safer than ATV’s.

It may come as a surprise but the death toll from the dirt bikes is notably lower than the ATV’s.

There are key factors that tell us why an ATV is far deadlier than a dirt bike.

Firstly, people think that ATV is more stable than the dirt bike and this leads to more accidents.

Secondly, the weight of the ATV makes it highly dangerous when it gets flipped over the rider.

The stable form of an ATV makes riders believe it is easier to learn and they can go as fast as they can.

They often feel they can ride over unsteady places easily and can outrun others, this proves to be very fatal because an ATV is more likely to pose serious injuries when flipped over the rider than a dirt bike.

The ATV is also more likely to flip as it has a high center of gravity. The size and weight of the dirt bike prove to be fortunate for the riders when they fall from it or get crushed underneath it.

As dirt bikes are mostly used by professional athletes, they prefer wearing a helmet while riding and this is also a reason that death rate is higher in ATV’s accidents.

The Crash Ratio Of ATV And Dirt Bike

We have already discussed that ATV’s accidents are more fatal than dirt bikes but the design and stability of ATVs are much improved in comparison to dirt bikes, so the crash ratio of dirt bikes is much higher than ATV.

You are more likely to see a larger number of ATV’s on the road than dirt bikes throughout the year because ATV’s are specifically designed for every season while dirt bikes are ridden mostly in the summer season.

Preferable Tracks For Each Vehicle

While an ATV covers more space and can be ridden on larger tracks, a dirt bike is small enough to ride on any track.

However, a dirt bike is specifically designed for single and bumpy tracks and ATV is used for riding on more even and spacious tracks.

Learning How To Ride – ATV Vs Dirt Bike

Learning how to ride an ATV is far easier than Dirt bike.

The stable shape of an ATV is the main factor why it would take no time for you to start riding it initially.

On the other hand, a dirt bike requires a lot of practice and experience to start riding it in a safer and professional way.

Dirt Bike Vs ATV – Target Audience

ATV is quite heavy and can sustain a significant load so it is best suited for all types of people – skinny or fat.

ATV is best suitable for a beginner.

Whereas, a dirt bike weighs less and can bear a lot less weight than an ATV so it is ideal for professional athletes.

Let’s Talk About The Bad Guy – Adrenaline Rush

dirt bike vs atv

If you are really into extreme sports and taking risks, a dirt bike is a perfect option for you.

While an ATV can be used for multiple sports purposes, a dirt bike can make you go fast, crazy, jump over unsteady places, race up and down the mountain, and in turn, can boost your adrenaline rush.

The Bottom Line

You’ve seen all their pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide the one that is fit for you.

If you are looking to ride a sportbike, consider researching wisely as per your experience, needs, and skill set.

If you are a beginner, an ATV might be an ideal option for you but if you are an experienced rider and looking to satisfy your adrenaline rush, a dirt bike can be a wise option to go for.

That is not to say that dirt bikes cannot be ridden by beginners. If it is your first time getting one then aim for a cheap dirt bike from a Chinese manufacturer.

These dirt bikes are easy to handle and perfect to test the waters before you move onto something more powerful.

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