Best Dirt Bike Oil Guide For 2020: 2-Stroke And 4-Stroke Oils

best dirt bike oil

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2-Stroke Oil

Two-stroke oil is used for motorcycles to lubricate the bearings that are at the end of the crankshaft, the connecting rod bearings, and the cylinder walls.

This mixture of fuel, oil, and air helps to coat everything with the two-stroke engine oil. It is sometimes referred to as 2T or two-cycle oil as well.

It is essential for this oil to be mixed with gasoline, in order to be distributed efficiently in the system.

The fuel may sometimes burn along with the duel, which can lead to exhaust emissions along with smoke or a unique odor.

4-Stroke Oil

The 4-stroke oil is used in 4 stroke engines, where the oil and gasoline are not mixed.

A car’s engine is a 4-stroke engine, for example. But there are plenty of dirt bikes that have a 4-stroke engine.

Difference Between 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Oils

When you are choosing which oil you should buy, you must first understand the fundamental difference between the 2-stroke and 4-stroke oils.

The primary difference, which most people do not know, is not in the weight. In fact, no matter which oil you buy, it will either be premix or injector safe.

Most of the motocross bikes run smoothly on premix oils. This means you do have the option of mixing your oils with a bit of gas before you put it in the gas tank.

Similarly, you can adopt different mixing ratios. You should, however, consider your bike’s manual to find out what would be the best mix for optimum performance.

When you are measuring the oil, always use a jug so that your ratio of gas to oil is accurate.

However, if the engine on your bike works on auto lube, you may want to find out the right type of oil for that.

You should, however, keep in mind that every premix 2-stroke oil will not work well with an auto lube system.

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Best Two-Stroke Dirt Bike Oil Reviews

With the popularity of two-stroke dirt bikes, it is no surprise that there is an increase in the popularity of oil for the dirt bikes as well.

Mentioned below are some of the best two-stroke oil for dirt bikes.

As long as these oils are consistent with the owner’s manual for your motorcycle, you can rest assured that these oils will help to minimize any potential issues and optimize the performance.

1. Maxima Castor 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil

best dirt bike oil

This is one of the best oils you can use for your two-stroke dirt bike.

It has a unique blend of refined oils that makes for a novel additive, which helps to improve the durability of the power system of your motorcycle engine.

Moreover, it also reduces the carbon deposits and halts the formation of any type of gum inside the system.

The Maxima Castor 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil also works well when it comes to the prevention of rust and corrosion, which is quite common with bikes over time, especially those that use low-quality oils.

Furthermore, this dirt bike oil is also equipped with a valve additive, which means using this oil will ensure that your valves are performing well since they will stay clean.


  • This oil is biodegradable
  • It has durable lubrication.
  • This oil helps to reduce carbon and gum.
  • The power valves are kept clean, and they work optimally.
  • The high-quality additives prevent build-ups.
  • It has a high vaporizing temperature.
  • This oil helps to keep the engine cool, which ensures optimum performance.


  • The oil is slightly expensive.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Maxima Castor 2-Stroke Premix Racing Oil is an excellent choice for your two-stroke dirt bike.

Once you have purchased a good quality dirt bike, using the right type of oil will provide a better performance and prolong the life of the dirt bike as well, and this oil guarantees all of that!

2. Lucas Oil Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

This oil is from one of the most trusted brands when it comes to oil additives and the fuel industry.

Lucas Oil Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle two-stroke dirt bike oil will ensure that your bike gives an excellent performance, irrespective of the type of air-cooled engine it has.

This oil works excellent on older machines, as compared to the newer ones. This is because it is equipped with high lubrication.

Moreover, it is known for the smokeless burn, which is because of the mineral oil synthetic blend that it has. This means you can expect literally no signs of carbon deposits or corrosion.

Once you start using this oil, you can rest assured that your bike and its engine will last long as this oil features exclusive detergents, which helps to have fewer emissions, thorough burning, and high power.


  • It has a smokeless burn.
  • It helps to maintain the quality and performance of the engine over the years.
  • It does not clog the filters.
  • Since it burns completely, it is able to provide more power and lower fuel consumption.
  • It meets and exceeds the API-TC certification.
  • It is available in a wide range of bottle sizes, which means you can pick the one which best suits your needs.


  • It is expensive

Our Verdict

The Lucas Oil Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is well-known because it is reliable, safe, and provides high performance.

It is manufactured by one of the most reputed firms in the industry, and it certainly lives up to the name as well.

3. Maxima Formula K2 2-Stroke Synthetic Premix Racing Oil

2-Stroke Synthetic Premix Racing Oil

This is a high performing premix racing oil by Maxima, which ensures power and durability for your motorcycle.

It is a 100% synthetic 2-cycle lubricant, which utilizes two thousand centistoke esters with additives that help to ensure cleanliness and protection for the engine.

Moreover, it prevents against wear and tear, friction, and ring sticking or exhausts tract carbon that can reduce the life of the engine, and also slow down the performance.

It is well suited as a premix with a pump, or even race, gasoline.


  • It is a high RPM racing formula.
  • It provides protection from corrosion and rust.
  • It is available in different-sized bottles.
  • This oil keeps the power valves clean.


  • It is slightly expensive

Our Verdict

This is an excellent oil for two-stroke bikes by Maxima, and this helps keep your engine’s performance high and the power valves clean, which ensure the durability of your bike.

4. Royal Purple HP High-Performance 2-Cycle Oil

best 2-stroke dirt bike oil

This is one of the best oils available in the 2-stroke oil range.

Not only does this oil help to enhance the performance of the bikes that it is used in, but it also helps to minimize the damage that may be caused due to the oil-injected and pre-mixed gasoline engines.

This oil makes the performance of your bike better, and this is because high technology has been used to engineer this oil.

Similar to many others, this is also wholly ash-less, which means there will be little to no deposits inside the combustion chamber of your engine, or the exhaust system.

The oil is also equipped with synthetic solvency that keeps the exhaust ports and sparks completely clean, while at the same time, it helps to improve the efficiency of your engine.


  • The oil is ash-less, which minimizes the deposits inside the system.
  • It ensures that the engine is not just clean, but also efficient.
  • It protects the engine from damage and wear-and-tear.
  • The oil helps to improve the performance of your bike.
  • The oil is equipped with rust and corrosion protection formulas.


  • This oil is also a bit expensive.

Our Verdict

The Royal Purple HP 2-C High-Performance 2-Cycle Oil is highly recommended for a wide range of engines, and not just for motorcycles but also for jet-skis, power equipment, outboard motors, and even chainsaws.

This is a great choice to buy, which will keep your engine clean, and your bike performing well.

5. Lucas Oil Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle Motor Oil

2 stroke motocross oil

This is a high all-rounder motor oil, which is best suited for oil injection systems where there has been no fuel or oil premixing that is needed.

The oil is safe to use and will ensure that your engine is free from rust and corrosion since it has low ash. It will make sure that your engine has a long life, and also helps to improve the performance.

It is one of the most environmentally friendly motor oils available in the market and is well suited for marine craft engines as well. You can choose the size fits your requirements the best.


  • It is smokeless, and clean to burn.
  • It has low last production, which means it will not cause rust or corrosion to your engine.
  • It is easy to mix.
  • Available in different bottle sizes.
  • JASO FC, ISO GD, certified.


  • It may not be the best choice for small motors or yard tools, where a high mixing ratio is required.

Our Verdict

Overall, this is an excellent choice for boats or bikes, but it may not be so great for yard tools. For a motorcycle, it works excellent and also works well for air-cooled engines, and prevents carbon deposits on skirts, piston rings, and crowns.

Best 4-Stroke Dirt Bike Oil – Reviews

Engine oil is the main component for the working of a motorcycle, and it helps in its transmission, lubrication, and cooling of the combustion engine.

This is why it is crucial to choose the best oil for a dirt bike, which will keep it in the ideal condition.

However, it is not easy to find the right type of oil, since there are so many in the market to choose from.

There are three main types of engine oils that are being sold in the market.

  1. Conventional oil is suitable for all kinds of vehicles, and it is also known as crude oil or mineral oil that has chemical additives, which keeps the internal engine running smoothly and helps to prevent overheating.
  2. Synthetic oil is basically pure lubricant oil, which is broken into molecules. It is able to provide better protection for the engine and has the ability to reduce the wear-and-tear and friction of the engine parts. It also consumes less energy, flows smoothly, breaks down at high temperatures, and lasts longer.
  3. Semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of synthetic and crude oil and is a cheap variant that can last three times longer than conventional oil.

Having knowledge of these oils can help you to understand the working of the engine better, and help you choose the best oil for your dirt bike.

1. YamaLube All-Purpose 4-Four Stroke Oil

best 4 stroke engine oil

The Yamalube is an all-performance oil, which is the best one you can find for your motorcycle.

Also, it is from the well-known company Yamaha that is reputed for having the best performance on the line of motorcycle engines.

It is semi-synthetic oil, which is designed for all-purpose motor engines.

It is a mixture of cleaning additives (anti-wear, ultra-clean) for the purpose of clutch components, and to reduce the wear-and-tear of the machine, which is caused by friction.

This motorcycle oil works well with a wide range of single-cylinder, manual transmission, and multi-valve 4-stroke applications.


  • It is a semi-synthetic oil base.
  • The price is affordable.
  • It is from the well-known Yamaha company.
  • It provides high performance.
  • It lasts long.
  • Excellent for the wet clutch system.
  • Meets and exceeds the JASO MA requirements.


  • The container does not have any marks to measure the oil inside the bottle.

Our Verdict

This is the best choice for oil, especially if you own a Yamaha scooter, bike, ATV or dual sport off-road.

The best part about this oil is that it improves the wet cloth performance and that it has the value for money.

It works great in both cold and hot temperatures and gives a smooth riding experience while guaranteeing the protection of the engine.

2. Maxima Premium Motorcycle Engine Oil

best 4-stroke dirt bike oil

This is an excellent oil for the engine since it is the right blend of petroleum base stocks, anti-shear additives, and advanced anti-wear.

It is ideal to be used for all kinds of 4 cycle engines, and whether your vehicle is water-cooled or air-cooled, you can be confident about maintaining the right viscosity level with the proper use of this oil.

It features advanced additive technology which assures long-lasting oil and has anti-scuff additives which give extra support during all kinds of weather conditions.

When you use this oil, there is no need for any additional care for your engine, as this oil will do that for you!


  • This oil ensures a smooth riding experience.
  • It helps to keep the engine cool.
  • It is a great quality product.
  • It has a reasonable price.
  • Lubricates and provides protection to the engine’s parts.
  • The oil remains clean for a long time.


  • May cause clutch slipping.
  • The container does not show the remaining amount.

Our Verdict

The Maxima (349128) Premium4 10W-40 Motorcycle Engine Oil can easily be considered one of the best motorcycle oil for a smooth ride without any noise or extra effort.

This is because it is made for all kinds of weather to reduce friction and engine temperature.

3. Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil

best 4 stroke motorcycle oil

The Hond Pro GN4 Motor Oil is designed especially for meeting the requirements of ATV and motorcycle engines.

This oil is quite unique and has been developed after years of research.

While regular oil generally breaks off and ends up causing excess oil consumption, this oil will be more economical when it comes to saving money.

It has a pure form of oil that helps in keeping the engine clean and safe from debris: a common problem with most engines due to incorrect engine oils.

You can be assured of smooth riding experience when you choose this oil.


  • Easy to use.
  • It has great value for money.
  • The engine runs smoothly.
  • It offers smooth clutch shifting.
  • Holds up dirt and remains clean.
  • Easy to insert and goes down smoothly.


  • Not suitable for high heat air-cooled racing motorcycles.
  • May create stickiness around the filter.

Our Verdict

This is the best choice if you have a light-duty cooler running motor, and since it is from a trusted brand name Honda, you can rest assured it is reliable and performs really well, without any annoying noise or friction. This undoubtedly has great value for money.

4. Castrol Power Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

4 stroke motocross oil

Castrol is a well-known and reputable brand name, which manufactures a wide variety of motor oils.

Most people consider this brand a sign of trust and reliability, and it even offers special oils that are tailored for motorcycles.

It utilizes the Trizone technology, which refers to its synthetic blend. It provides lubrication to the three of the most vocal spots on the motorcycle; these spots are the gearbox, the clutch, and the engine.

This oil offers high performance even in extreme weather conditions, whether it is hot or cold.

It is more stable than regular oils, and it can lead to a breakdown of the oil.


  • It is considered as one of the best selling oil for motorcycles with a high customer rating.
  • It is available in different grades such as 10w 40, 10w 50 or 20w 50 in 6 packs, which helps you to save money.
  • Castrol is considered to be the best motorcycle oil, and it is one of the best-sellers as well.


  • Nothing to report here.

Our Verdict

The Castrol Power Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is designed for those who really want to enjoy a perfect and smooth ride without putting their bikes to the risk of damage.

Overall, this is an excellent choice of oil for those people who want a quiet and frictionless performance. Castrol is a well-known name, and it is highly reliable and protects the engine.

5. Kawasaki 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil

4 stroke oil

The Kawasaki 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil is a great choice, especially if you own a Kawasaki 4-stroke motorcycle.

It can, however, be used in other motorcycles, too; it works smoothly with high performance, but only for those who do not require synthetic oils.

Kawasaki is a well-known brand name, which assures that it will perform well, can take care of your engine, and will help prolong its life.

This oil keeps itself clean from particles and debris.

When you use this oil, you can rest assured that it will provide protection to your engine, unlike other oils that lose volatility.

This oil is, however, engineered for maintaining the viscosity of the oil. It also helps to lubricate every corner of the machine, which means there is a noise-free transmission.


  • It is able to lubricate the internal parts very well.
  • The price is high for the quantity.
  • Makes easier and cleaner gear shifting.
  • It provides fast delivery in good condition.
  • Provides readymade oil change kits.


  • It is only suitable for low CC bikes.
  • The oil burns to black quickly.

Our Verdict

The Kawasaki 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil is value for money. One container can easily last for a long time and provides high performance.

It is not synthetic oil but a conventional one, and one motorcycle can quickly go for 2000 miles on it without requiring the need for refill or change.

It is designed for wet clutches and provides a hassle-free riding experience.

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Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of dirt bike you have, it is of no use if it does not perform well.

For a bike to have a smooth performance, it depends on the type of oil you are using, which is why you should ensure you only use good quality oil for your bike.

Using the right oil will also ensure that your bike remains in good condition, well maintained, and it will also prolong the life of the bike.

You should, however, be aware of which type of oil is suitable for your ride, and the above reviews should be able to help you out with that.

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