The 7 Best Dirt Bike Jump Ramp In 2021 – Top Insane Jump Ramps

best dirt bike jump ramp 2020

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Dirt bike riding is one of the most famous motorsport forms. It comes as no surprise that it has now gained peak popularity. What makes dirt bike riding exciting is that it is not solely meant for professionals.

Every individual that is simply interested in this sport can try it out. Be it for leisure or other reasons, you can undeniably ride dirt bikes to deal with your boredom.

You can enjoy this motorsport through a myriad of ways, including traditional riding. You can even try out the competitive racing sessions with your pals.

That being said, you must ensure taking a significant amount of time out to learn what this motorsport is all about. One such element that you should look into is choosing the right equipment.

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Things To Consider While Buying The Best Dirt Bike Jump Ramp

Dirt Bike riding is unquestionably one of the most favored motorsports across the world. Moreover, this game is quite popular among younger aged individuals.

That being said, riding dirt bikes is not just restricted to motorsport. One can ride these machines as a form of leisure, even. Every individual looking forward to buying the best dirt bike jump must ensure looking into distinguishing factors.

Given below are a few of the most fundamental aspects of choosing the best dirt bike jump ramp. Make sure to thoroughly go through these factors to make a well-versed decision.

1. The Weight Restrictions

Firstly, you must ensure looking into the weight restrictions of the product. Before spending hefty amounts of money on a jump ramp, getting a worthwhile weight limit is vital.

This way, you can make an impact on the ramp’s usability. Experts suggest that you should always choose high weight limits. This is because they significantly hold up during the jump.

Also, make sure to avoid exceeding the weight limit. You could potentially fall prey to ramp caving while riding. Thus, this is extremely hazardous.

While purchasing the jump ramp, reach out to the manufacturer to know more about the weight limit.

2. Compactness

Compactness and portability are two of the most indispensable factors to consider when it comes to buying the best dirt bike jump ramp. While choosing the ramp, the more portable your product, the better its benefits.

Portability is a key aspect of encountering enhanced convenience. Thus, if you buy a portable jump ramp, you can travel along with it everywhere and anywhere.

Folding hinges are the most beneficial features. Every jump ramp with folding hinges helps you make the product maximally compact.

Due to this, you can even store the product in a comparatively smaller space. Thus, investing in portable jump ramps is quite ideal.

3. Breadth Of The Jumping Ramps

The next component that you should look into is the width of the jumping ramp. Many people tend to overlook this factor.

However, it is extremely vital that you look into this before purchasing the ramp. Buying wide ramps rather than narrow ones can help you increase the flexibility component as a whole.

Wide ramps further give users the benefit of accessing multiple simultaneous jumps. They further improve synchrony when doing coordinated jumps.

This factor thus helps you improve your safety as a whole. Thus, to have the safest and sound experience, choosing wide ramps is essential.

4. Weather-Proofing

Weather-Proofing is another explicit element to consider while buying a jump ramp. Buying a product with maximal weatherproofing is vital. If your product offers flexible resistance, it may enhance the grip of the tires.

Thus, this element may benefit you in the rainy season. Also, look into rust-resistant stands so that they can hold up the ramp’s weight, along with the rider’s.

5. Durability

It comes as no surprise that durability is an integral aspect to consider before buying any product. The more durable the ramp, the more worthwhile your investments.

Doing meticulous research and studying the quality of the parts can help you analyze its durability. The stands should be extremely firm. This is because they are responsible for sustaining the weight of the ramp as a whole.

Also, make sure to choose a thicker riding surface. Thick surfaces come with additional resistance for wearing and tearing.

6. Analyze Your Budget

There’s absolutely no point in buying high-priced jump ramps that don’t come with excellent features. You should ensure taking some time out to jot down your budget.

You may come across a myriad of cost-effective options in the marketplace. Thus, don’t fret if you can’t afford an exorbitantly priced jump ramp.

The above-mentioned products are a few of the best products that you may come across. On doing thorough research, you can enhance the value of money.

Top 7 Best Dirt Bike Jump Ramps

1. MTB Hopper Bike Jump Ramp Review

best bmx jump ramp

The first product on this list is the MTB Hopper Bike Jump Ramp BMX Enduro-Lite. The product is incorporated with a few of the most cutting-edge features. It was primarily established in Europe.

The Bike Jump Ramp is quite ideal for enduro, BMX, and MTB junkies. It is easily portable, and thus, you can easily store it in a backpack. Finding a foldable jump ramp can be quite a tedious task.

This jump ramp by MTB undeniably exceeds the expectations of most enduro enthusiasts. What makes this product quite ideal is the mere fact that it comes with adjustable legs.

It also comes with kick angles. It is additionally precision cut from highly durable CNC plywood. It comes with a robust grip coating to improve your experience as a whole.

The Jump Ramp for bikes undeniably is the best dirt bike jump ramp available in the market. Further, it comes at an affordable rate. Due to this, every penny that you invest in this product is worth it.


  • Comes with adjustable legs
  • Comprises of grip coating
  • Cost-effective


  • Minimal warranty period

2. FreshPark Portable Moto Jump Ramp Review

best pit bike jump ramp

FreshPark is a pioneer in the innovation of a few of the most premium quality products. This all-new model by the company is another one of its greatest productions.

The product comes with a few of the most distinctive features that will leave you feeling awestruck. Firstly, the product is adjustable with over three heights. Another impressive feature of it is that it is portable and compact.

With its ideal size, you can conveniently store it anywhere you want. The mountain bike jump ramp folds to 6” X 48” X 40.

This product additionally fits on trucks and vans with bikes. You can even assemble it in no time. To be precise, the product sets up in a few minutes in low, medium, or high settings.

The product comes with three heights for every skill level rider. With such features, you can rest assured that you have the safest and user-friendly experience.

The product also comes with a sleek look, which is an additional benefit. Every bike riding junkie looking for a stylish yet effective jump ramp can go ahead with this product.


  • Drastically enhanced portability
  • Excellent width
  • Cost-effective


  • Non-adjustable legs

3. Mojo Sky Ramp Review

Mojo is another very prominent company that manufactures a few of the supreme quality jump ramps. The Colman never ceases to surprise its customers with enhanced products. One such model is the mojo sky ramp.

The most obvious factor that helps this ramp stand out from the others is that it is sturdy. It comes with a very robust construction due to which you can conveniently use it for the longest period of time.

The portability is another distinguishing factor. The product comes with additional durability. Due to this, it is the best dirt bike jump ramp in the marketplace.

It comprises of durable steel construction. The curvature thus assures you an extended aerial time. Thus, doing stunts is much more thrilling due to the erratic flight.

The manufacturer offers all the essential tools for constructing the ramp. Further, the ramp is quite effortless to assemble. Thus, you don’t have to spend additional money to hire a professional.

The instructions manual comes with clear instructions on how to set up the ramp. Further, the ramp is ideal for smaller bike stunts. The product comprises of a ladder truss side for improved support of the user.


  • Portable ramp
  • High-quality steel finish
  • Enhanced durability


  • Comparatively smaller in size

4. Ramptech Quarterpipe Ramp Review

The jump ramp by the company Ramptech is made of a few of the most phenomenal raw materials. All the materials are primarily pre-cut to the precise CNC dimensions. In brief, one of the supreme features of these products is that it is easy to assemble. 

Most jump ramps that you may come across come with a challenging set up technique. This product, however, is not similar to your traditional jump ramps. You can simply follow the instructions given in the instructions manual, and you’re good to go.

What makes it the best dirt bike jump ramp is that it is made of a custom ABS plastic material. The indestructible tip sip layer thus offers extreme durability to the product.

The Ext HDO side panels, exterior screws, and the galvanized steel coping further add to the quality of the product. The exterior material is further sturdy.

The portability of the product is another exquisite feature that may pique your interest. With enhanced portability, you can store the product anywhere you wish to.

The modular, side-by-side connection allows four ramps to create a half-pipe. The product is manufactured in the USA and comes with all the tools required for assembling it.


  • Made in the USA
  • Comprises of a galvanized steel coping
  • Side-by-side modular connection


  • A bit expensive

5. Mojo Rails Sky Ramp Review

Mojo, as previously stated, is an industry-leading company in the field of jump ramps. The popular motorsport, dirt bike riding is all about thrill and delight. Choosing the right and the best jump ramp is something most of us deal with.

Well, not anymore. The Mojo Rails Sky ramp is a high-quality product that every biker must-have. It comes with a sleek yet sophisticated finish that will leave you astounded.

Firstly, the product is the perfect fit for individuals looking for sturdy ramps. The robust and durable construction is what makes this product quite ideal for many.

It comes with a durable steel finish and comprises of a blue surface layer. This color highlights the ramp as a whole. Furthermore, the curvature comes with an exquisite aerial time.

You can thus effortlessly perform stunts without having to worry about getting hurt. The erratic flight feature makes this possible.

The product comes with the tools required for installing it. Thus, on reading the instructions meticulously, you can set it up in no time.

Another valuable feature of this product is that it is cost-effective. If you’re under a budget, you should undeniably check this product out.


  • Compact ramp
  • Comes with an incredible air time
  • Made of high-quality steel


  • Small in size

6. FreshPark Mini Wedge Review

The last on this list is the FreshPark’s brand-new model- Mini Wedge. Mini Wedge is ideal for individuals looking for a small-sized dirt bike riding ramp. The product comes with collapsible folding legs.

This feature thus helps you conveniently store the product In a small space. The lightweight design further comes with a carrying handle.

The product is also compact in size. With adjustable legs, you can set up the product with ease. It comes with a set of remarkable features that prove how noteworthy it is.

Another reason why you should check this product out is that it comes with sturdy construction. With a phenomenal finish and a broadened size, the product is extremely safe to use.

Thus, everyone looking for a flexible jump ramp should canister this product. To add on, the premium quality steel-finish improves the durability of the product. Due to this, you can conveniently pull off stunts on this ramp.


  • Compact size
  • High weight-limit
  • Excellent width


  • Short-term warranty

7. FreshPark Professional Quarter Pipe Review

best dirt bike ramp

Borden your skating track with this advanced skateboarding track from FRESHPARK. The product is efficiently designed to ensure maximal consumer satisfaction. The entire package takes a few minutes to set up, thereby making it less time-consuming and more user-friendly.

You also have the flexibility to attach this ramp to other freshpark rails or ramps. The product can also be easily folded into a triangle after it serves its purpose to provide easy storage. Furthermore, the detachable wheels also make the ramp portable.

The strong quarterpipe construction makes this product robust and also makes it resistant to rough use. To enhance the experience of the consumers, the ramp is also fitted with steel shift toe portion. Therefore, making it simpler for them to approach the ramp during skateboarding.

The legs of the ramp provide balance and sturdiness, which is essential to support the weight of the user while skateboarding. You can depend upon the premium quality of the brand and the product to deliver a remarkable performance.

The ramp is waterproof, which means it won’t expand, rot or splinter under drastic weather conditions.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Multiple configurations


  • Expensive

FAQ For Best Dirt Bike Jump Ramp

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Our Final Verdict

Dirt Bike riding is more fun than it sounds. It’s officially become a go-to activity for most adrenaline enthusiasts. The activity is all about fun and thrill.

A very famous element for which dirt bikes come handy is to perform stunts. For this very activity, choosing a top-notch jump ramp is essential.

From the above-mentioned products, the jump ramp that tops the list is the MTB Hopper Bike Jump Ramp. The ramp is an exquisite combination of durability and quality. Further, it comes at an affordable price range. Make sure to look into the features of the ramp beforehand so that you make an informed decision.

We hope you found yourself the best jump ramp!

If you think we missed something or if your favorite ramp isn’t on the list then let us know in the comment section.

Happy Riding!

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