Best Dirt Bike Gloves To Get In 2020 – Buying Guide And Reviews

The best dirt bike gloves buying guide 2020

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Regular gloves won’t help you off-road where all the flying debris and dirt can bring havoc on your hands.

On an off-track terrain, countless things can cause problems during biking.

For instance, fast approaching sand particles, trees, and sharp branches full of thorns, leaves, flying rocks, and debris from other bikers can hurt you.

All these elements cause injuries to your body if not protected properly.

It will not only bruise your skin but it will also raise the chances of accidentally losing control over your bike.

Imagine you’re rushing off-track on a dangerous path but suddenly you fall over just because you didn’t have the right gear on.

Therefore, choosing the right gear is just as important and can save you from threatening situations.

You can avoid these fatal accidents by gifting yourself the best pair of dirt bike gloves.

They will provide you with all the essential protection you need to save your precious hands from getting disfigured.

The sturdy construction will safeguard your skin from the bullet-like dirt particles and keep them away from any serious damage.

Moreover, rough and padded construction allows it to provide you with a strong grip over your vehicle.

We’ve created a buying guide that will aid you in choosing the right product that will certainly keep your hands protected during the adrenaline-driven dirt biking.

Things To Consider Before Buying Dirt Bike Gloves?

gloves dirt bike

Going on an adventure without protective gloves will be as dangerous as going with poor quality ones.

Substandard hand-gear will wear off fast and doesn’t provide the needed protection.

Therefore, there are some things you should consider before spending your money.

Here are few of those factors you must look into before purchasing them:

1) Range of Motion

Gloves that restrict your fingers’ motion are more dangerous than having no gloves.

With such gear, you would have lesser control over your bike which can prove troublesome.

You can end up in a road accident; you can lose control while over-speeding, or you can end up miscalculating the acceleration.

Therefore, during purchasing, make sure that you have a full range of motion, and your fingers not only fit but also can make a fist easily.

Many people do not consider this element and get themselves in trouble.

No matter how cool the gloves look, if they impede your motion, then there is no point in paying for such a product.

2) Size and Fit

It’s imperative that you get the perfect size with the right fit to avoid unpleasant collisions with your skin that can spoil your adventurous errand.

Furthermore, the too-tight fit will obstruct your fingers’ movement while too loose gloves will keep striking your skin, and you will end up having blisters.

You don’t want that, do you? So, be extra careful while choosing the right size.

But how to do that you ask?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Just calculate the circumference of your hand with your fingers apart and then your knuckle close.

To understand the measurement further, this size chart might help.

3XL = 25 – 26cm

XXL = 24.5 – 25cm

XL = 23.5 – 24.5cm

L = 22.5 – 23.5cm

M = 22 – 22.5cm

S = 21.5 – 22cm

XS = 21 – 21.5cm

3) Material

In the end, it falls to what kind of material it is made up of.

No matter how many features it has or how impressive it looks, if the pair is not made with sturdy material, then it’s pretty much useless.

You must look for the material that can withstand harsh conditions on an off-track road and can protect your hands from any serious injury.

We’d recommend you go for dirt bike gloves made with pure leather, as it is the sturdiest material present in the market.

4) Features

There are plenty of options in the market with some impressive features. It’s up to your personal preference which you want to purchase.

But our list guides you about some features that your gloves must-have.

For instance, if it is protectiveness that you’re seeking, then gloves with carbon knuckles are the perfect one for you. They will reflect any flying debris that might have blown holes in your skin.

Moreover, air vents are also pretty important as they will help you get rid of excessive sweat.

5) Weather

One more element that people sometimes overlook is the weather they are riding in.

It matters quite a lot because the gear is the only thing between you and the harsh weather.

So, if you are looking forward to riding in a rainy season, then look for gloves that can keep your hands dry even in torrential rain.

And for cold weather, the gloves should be insulating enough to prevent cold fingertips.

Lastly, for warm weather, the gloves should have air vents that can toss out the recurring sweat.

Top 7 Dirt Bike Gloves In 2020

Here is the list of the best dirt bike gloves in 2020 that might be everything you are looking for. Let us look into them.

1) Fox Racing Dirtpaw Glove Review

This outstanding hand-gear can be your permanent gloves as they hold up good against merciless terrain.

They are comfortable enough and safeguard your knuckles from the flying matter.

This tough gear is neither too thin nor too thick. And it has the appropriate construction that doesn’t restrict your movement and provide a good defense.

If you are a professional dirt biker, then you’ll know how much of a wrist and hand fatigue you can get after a single ride.

Fox considers this fact and so, utilizes lightly padded Clarino synthetic leather palm that’s not only lightweight but also provides a strong but comfortable grip over the vehicle.

The polyester construction is smart enough to let you maneuver your bike; however, you like it.

The silicone fingertips, neoprene knuckles, and rubber protection ensure you that even in a crash your hands are safe from any major deformity.


  • Padding: Clarino padded.
  • Material: stretch polyester.
  • Recommended Use: cross-country, trail.
  • Closure: neoprene cuff, hook-and-loop.


  • They are comfortable enough for long rides.
  • The flexibility of material does not restrict your fingers’ movement.
  • They are durable and will last long.
  • The sturdy construction with additional protective features keeps your hands safe.


  • The design is outdated.
  • Sometimes the Velcro wears out fast.

2) Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex Off-Road/Dirt Bike Gloves Review

BMX MX ATV MTB Racing Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Off-Road/Dirt Bike Gloves Road Racing Motorcycle Motocross Sports Gloves Touch Recognition Full Finger Glove

These versatile gloves will keep your hands away from harm no matter what or where you are riding.

Whether it is a mountain ATV or a dirt bike, these gloves will never fail you.

Direct inject rubber is present all over the gloves and will let you survive in extreme conditions easily. 

The material is overall stretchy enough to get you full control over your bike.

The silicone grippers add a comfortable feeling while maintaining a strong grip. 


  • Direct Inject Rubber Logos & Graphics.
  • Lycra finger Gusset.
  • Lightly padded silicone Gripper.
  • TPR Hook & Loop Wrist Closure.


  • The product is versatile enough to be used for any biking adventure. 
  • It provides maximum performance in a cost-effective option. 
  • Rubber injects safeguards your hands from impacts.
  • It provides extra protection on knuckles. 
  • You can use your smartphone while wearing them.  
  • The construction is comfortable. 


  • It makes your hands sweaty. 
  • Poor quality finishing. 
  • Smartphone usage is not as easy as it sounds. 

3) Fox Head Men’s Bomber Glove Review

Fox Head Men's Bomber Glove Review

Fox’s other state-of-the-art glove that provides some impressive features with increased protection.

It is packed with polycarbonate ballistic plates to let your knuckles endure the off-track suffering.

And it is known for its sturdy material that can withstand immense impacts.

Moreover, the extra protection doesn’t take away the comfort as it even has air vents to get rid of the accumulated sweat. 


  • Individually molded polycarbonate knuckle pieces.
  • Double-layer clarino palm.
  • Pittards perforated leather.
  • Silicone lever grip.
  • Hook-and-loop closure.


  • The knuckle pieces provide extra protection. 
  • It is well-ventilated. 
  • Leather construction makes it durable. 
  • The gloves provide a steady grip over your vehicle.


  • It gets uncomfortable in the cold. 
  • Weak Velcro wrist straps. 

4) POC Resistance Enduro Adjustable Glove Review

 POC, Resistance Enduro Adjustable Glove, Mountain Biking Gloves

No glove is more ideal for Enduro than this.

It is perfect for long rides because of its protective capabilities and extra-comfortable fit.

It even deals with the sweaty skin with its moisture-wicking fabric.

Furthermore, it is well-ventilated and will provide constant air for your hands to breathe. 


  • Ventilated construction. 
  • Supple palm.
  • Silicon print on the brake fingers.
  • The moisture-wicking fabric on the back of the hand.
  • Touch screen compatible thumb.
  • Silicon print pull tab.


  • The proper ventilation tosses out the extra moisture. 
  • You can access your smartphone through a touch screen compatible thumb. 
  • It provides a good grip over the bike. 
  • The silicon built is comfortable to wear.


  • It may not be able to provide as much armor as other gloves. 
  • It is expensive in comparison to other gloves in the market with the same features. 

5) VAOO Bicycling Gloves Review

VAOO Bicycling Gloves Full Finger Bike Gloves Light Silicone Get Pad Motorcycle Gloves Riding Gloves for Men and Women

For riding enthusiasts, this peerless gear exhibits the best biking glove qualities.

With neoprene knuckles and rubber injects, you wouldn’t need to worry about the safety of your hands during your adventure.

The lightweight yet stretchy fabric gives you enough room to move your fingers as much as you want. As it doesn’t restrict free motion, it can be an ideal choice for pulling off dangerous stunts.

The glove is also fitted with air-vents that allow air to reach all-around your hand while absorbing moisture. 


  • Air mesh lightweight fabric.
  • Neoprene knuckles.
  • Padded single layer AX Suede.
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist tab closure.
  • Silicone fingertips.


  • Strong and sturdy material used in its construction. 
  • Adjustable wrist tab to fit as it pleases you. 
  • Silicone fingertips provides extra grip. 
  • Neoprene knuckles give enough protection. 
  • The fabric is lightweight and comfortable.


  • The design is pretty outdated. 
  • It lacks fingertips that work with touch screens.


6) Cognito D30 Glove Motocross Glove Review

best enduro gloves 2020

This fine-looking yet strong built glove keeps your hand protected while you ride in the wilderness fearlessly.

The extra protective injects on knuckles hold up against impacts and keeps flying debris away.

The dangerous roads might make your palms all sweaty but these gloves manage sweat in such a way that they keep the moisture at bay.

The flexible synthetic fabric doesn’t impede your wrist and fingers’ movement. Therefore, they allow complete control over your ride.

Lastly, the embossed neoprene cuff is stylish and durable enough to last a long time. 


  • Material: 4-way stretch synthetic.
  • Closure: hook-and-loop.
  • Flexible synthetic fabric.
  • Clarino synthetic palm. 
  • Embossed neoprene cuff.


  • The additional knuckle protection provides extra armor to keep your hands safe. 
  • Flexible synthetic fabric doesn’t restrict your movements.
  • The neoprene cuff gives off a stylish finish. 
  • Smart design deals with recurring sweat. 


  • It lacks rubber injects over fingers. 
  • It is pretty costly in comparison to other similar products.

7) Unisex-Adult Speedlab BRISKER Cold Weather Glove Review

best dirt bike gloves for winter

The crippling cold will not be able to reach your fingers if you are wearing this.

These gloves are made up of synthetic leather and nylon with multiple layers of insulation to keep your palms warm.

The multiple layers don’t hinder any movement and allow you to have a full range of motion to control your ride.

The silicone-printed palm provides a strong grip that no impact can alter, and the perforation keeps the grip comfortable to hold.

Moreover, Airprene cuffs allow free movement of air to keep these warm gloves breathable for your hands. 


  • TPR wrist closure with hook-and-loop.
  • Airprene cuffs.
  • Perforated palm.
  • Silicone-printed palm. 


  • The glove is ideal to use in extremely cold weather. 
  • The airplane cuffs provide a steady flow in your gloves. 
  • Silicone palms let you grip your ride firmly. 
  • Even with multiple layers, the gloves are comfortable to wear.


  • It doesn’t have any extra protective layers like other gloves do. 
  • In comparison to other gloves, free motion is difficult. 
  • In warm weather, it will cause severe sweating. 


Countless dirt bike gloves are available in the market, but not all provide essential protection, comfort, and a strong grip.

All the above-elaborated gloves are one of the best hand-wear available out there.

So, if you seek bike gloves that have not only protective capabilities but also are comfortable and durable then your best bet is choosing one of the above.

If you feel like we have missed something or if there is anything you want to ask us please do not be afraid to leave a comment.

Happy Riding!

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