Apollo Dirt Bike Reviews – Read This Before Buying (2020)

apollo dirt bike review

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Who doesn’t like the wind in their hair as they ride their bike across an open field or a highway? You feel wild and free, almost as if no worry can catch up to you.

The birds follow you across the sky and it all might seem like something out of a fantasy novel but there are thousands of stories by bikers who have felt that.

The feeling of nothing else but the open road and the engine pumping alongside your heart to give you that adrenaline rush.

Now take away the roads and fill the landscape with nothing but dirt and rocks.

Extreme sports are gaining a lot of attraction these days because of adrenaline-junkies who wish to live life to their fullest.

These people require thrill above food and water so they take out their bikes and hit the alps or the desert to fulfill their desires.

Naturally, a normal bike cannot cut out for the difficult terrain that is present outside of the city. For that, you need a powerful beast.

Apollo Dirt Bikes are just the right amount of power and pedal to get you across. All you have to do is remember where you’re headed and these bad boys can get you there without a second thought.

However, before we begin with the Apollo Dirt Bike Reviews, we must first understand what’s different between a Dirt Bike and a regular Motorbike. 

What are Dirt Bikes?

what are dirt bikes

If you thought that all bikes had the same mechanism powering them, you might wish to rethink that thought over.

There are several different types of dirt bikes that include a Motocross, Enduro and Trail Bikes. All of these bikes are specially made for the terrain that they have to perform on.

While normal bikes are made for city use, dirt bikes often have to face the wrath of wear and tear primarily because of their use in extreme conditions.

Imagine the wear and tear from moving through a shallow river with strong currents or from going through a patch of land with nothing more than rocks.

Dirt bikes are specialized for off-roading trips. These bikes have strong grip tires followed by extended shocks to make sure the rider feels the least amount of impact from sudden bumps or jumps.

These bikes are also designed to be lightweight so that they are easily able to gain speed and flight when the time comes.

Experts around the world use these bikes in dirt bike races as well as to perform tricks and shoot single-shot, POV footage to upload on YouTube.

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Review:

apollo db-x18 125cc

Apollo released a 110cc dirt bike previously which was quite successful in the biking world.

With the production of the 125cc DB-X18 Dirt bike in full swing, Apollo has revised the design to create a bike that can traverse through even tougher terrains than the previous one.

Be it grasslands, rocky areas, uphill dirt roads or even through narrow streams, the ApolloDB-X18 dirt bike has all it takes to get you across.

The sturdy build followed by the strong design helps the bike to sustain weights up to 200 pounds. The bike has a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine that helps the bike reach speeds of up to 55mph.

All with the help of a 10kW motor that can outlast the toughest of terrains.

The total length of the Apollo 125cc dirt bike is 65” where the wheelbase takes most of the space.

The tires help increase the height by 45” and the rest is followed by the body.

For the safety of the rider, the bike comes with your everyday disc brake which can help you stop at a crucial moment almost instantaneously.

Although the bike does not have an adjustable suspension system, its suspension is quite impressive and helps absorb most of the shocks to the frame followed by the rider themselves.

Another advantage of the Apollo 125cc dirt bike is its bright green, almost neon-like paint job.

The dirt bike gives you a classic look when the dirt bike concept was first introduced to bikers who used their imaginations to lead the sport to where it is now.

Finally, the total amount of fuel the bike can hold in one go amounts to 1 whole gallon.

The bike is a perfect mix of both power and speed which helps bikers ride it on roads inside cities as well.

All in all, the Apollo 125cc dirt bike is a perfect starter bike to get so you can start learning the art. Once you have learned the basics can you move on to further expensive bikes.


  • Sturdy base with strong design
  • Balance of both speed and power
  • Can hold 1 gallon of fuel
  • Powerful, 8.2 horsepower motor
  • Best for beginners


  • Weak nuts and bolts
  • The exhaust is loose in the new model

Apollo DB-007 125cc Dirt Bike Review:

apollo db-007 125cc dirt bike review

The Apollo DB-007 125cc dirt bike is another similar model to the previous one with a few adjustments.

The bike is also extremely durable to bumps and jumps that come along the road.

If your teenage child loves extreme sports and wishes to experience the thrill of motocross, this bike is the perfect starting bike to gift them on their birthday.

The 4 speed, manual clutch allows you to change gears instantly while on the track.

The bike can reach up to speeds of 55mph because it is entirely designed to provide to adapt to the tougher terrain and give riders the extra push to go uphill.

The Twin Spare heavy-duty steel makes the bike all the tougher when it comes to jumps. You can rest assured that the company has invested all its brightest minds in making sure the bike lasts you for a long time.

The total length of the bike is 52inches and it is 15inches apart.

The total weight is around 148 pounds which is light enough to give your flight on any dirt track as per you best see fit.

The single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine has enough power to not only carry a 180-pound teenager/ adult on top but to also help with tricks. It is one sweet ride if you wish to try out as a beginner.


  • Durable design
  • A strong core with Twin Spare Heavy-Duty Steel framework
  • Air-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine
  • Has 4-speed clutches


  • Might not suit seasoned professionals
  • Problems with alignment of front wheel

Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike AGB-36 Bike Review:

apollo agb-36 250cc review

While the Apollo 125cc dirt bike fills the gap between power and speed, the Apollo 250cc dirt bike is specialized to widen it.

What this means is that the bike has been designed for more seasoned bikers who wish to climb difficult terrain and perform tougher stunts.

The bike has to be assembled upon purchase but the manual comes in handy as a guide to getting it done.

You need to know your screwdrivers from your wrenches if you are to get the job done quickly otherwise you will keep on referring to the manual.

Once assembled, the bike will weigh around 260 pounds and can carry a rider with a maximum weight of 210 pounds.

The materials used in the construction include aluminum so that the weight could be reduced as much as possible.

Followed by that, we have a 15.6 horsepower, Zongshen 250CC single cylinder, 4-stroke engine.

This is where the Apollo 250cc dirt bike leaves all other dirt bikes behind to become a professional-grade bike. The max torque the engine provides is 17.5/5500 N•m.

There is no cooling system other than the usual air cooling for the engine and the bike can reach speeds of up to 72mph.

The total displacement of the engine is 230cc which is enough power to get you up a steep hill if you know your way around it.

Furthermore, the fuel tank can hold up to 8 liters (2.1 gallons) of fuel which is quite a lot compared to other dirt bikes in the market.

This way you can enjoy going off-road for a longer period of time before you have to stop at a gas station to refuel.

In contrast to other expensive companies, the price of the product is fair as Apollo wishes to customers to have quality dirt bikes at minimal rates.

The Apollo 250cc dirt bike is priced at less than $1600 on Amazon which is good enough to get the ball rolling.


  • A strong and sturdy core
  • Powerful 15.6 horsepower, Zongshen engine
  • Air-cooling system
  • Strong suspension
  • Large fuel tank
  • Fair priced


  • Requires weekly maintenance
  • Handles may feel uncomfortable to the rider

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Bikers are often on the lookout for cool new bikes in the market.

The thrill that they derive from going off-road has to do with the inner desire to let loose and just be free.

Nothing can hold you back once you are on the back of a dirt bike, especially while you have the terrain in mind.

With Apollo dirt bikes, you can enjoy climbing mountains and steep hills just with the sheer force of the engine as well as the grip of tires.

The exceptional performance of the bikes for beginners is another advantage to the bikes. One that not many people talk about.

You even get a year worth of warranty on the parts where you can rest assured that the after-sale service of Apollo is on top.

They take their work seriously and they wish nothing more than their customers to enjoy their time being alive and biking through the alps like there is no tomorrow.

If you feel like we have left something out or if you want to give some suggestions then don’t be afraid to leave us a comment.

Happy Riding!

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  1. Great Post! Thanks for sharing. My son is gravitating towards biking and he’s going to be 15 next year, so I was thinking of getting him the DB-X18. The article was very helpful and I will get him the bike as it seems great for the beginners.

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