About Us

Welcome to Motocross Nation, a site about all things dirt bikes, racing gear, and motocross.

We started this site to help riders up their game by constantly bringing them information about the best gear on the market while bolstering their growth with riding tips and techniques for their skill level.

Our Exhilarating Addiction

Now, you might be asking yourself what exactly motocross is?

Here’s a Wikipedia link – go read!

Just kidding…

Think of it like this – take dirt bikes, throw them on a closed off-road circuit, add some thrilling speeds, and you’ve got the recipe for a total blast.

Our favorite sport takes its roots in the UK as far back as 1909 (in the form of motorcycle trials). Since then, over the last 110 years or so, it’s taken the world by storm and has evolved to be one of the most popular motorsports, with both indoor and outdoor versions and massive media coverage around the globe.

With more riders than ever getting into motocross, our beloved sport is booming and is set to keep growing to be faster, wilder, and more exciting than ever.

Our Motocross Story

Here at Motocross Nation, we share a combined 40 or so years of riding experience, and we’re here to share our passion with likeminded people and other motocross fanatics.

Having ridden all sorts of trails and events and having maintained a whole armada of various bikes throughout the years – we’ve got the know-how when it comes to making sure that you’re equipped with the best of the best when it comes to gear and bikes, and keeping that same gear in top shape as you ride.

And what better way to pass on all of that knowledge in the digital age than a website, right?

Most of us have been riders from a very young age, and while some of us went on to compete, others had to hang up their pads and pursue different careers. But one thing never changed; that is our inextinguishable passion for riding, bikes, and the thrill of it all.

And it’s this exact passion that led us to band together and create the top-notch website you’re on right now.

Our Mission and Purpose

As a company, it’s our mission to bring you the freshest motocross news while keeping you up to date on the best gear and bikes to bring with you to the field.

We also seek to educate riders of all skill levels on everything from riding tips and techniques, to setting up your bike and even customizing it to be the perfect fit for you.

Whether you ride a classic single-cylinder KTM 525 EXC or a somewhat modern Honda CRF250X, you can count on us to help you get from zero to 100.

Stick around and keep in touch to stay updated with the world of motocross and get the most reliable information on motocross gear, the best dirt bikes, and the best tips for increasing your riding skill level.

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